I hate Macs

>> Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So we recorded our first podcast a couple weeks ago, and we sat down and listened to it last week. We found out that six minutes into the recording, we found out that the recording went scratchy. So there goes a few hours of work! It turns out that there is a glitch in Garageband that doesn't have a fix yet. So now we go back to recording using a different program that records natively in a different file format. Hopefully we can convert this format, so we haven't wasted even more hours of our precious life.


Wind down

>> Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sweet sassy Molassy! The semester is finally over! I'm sure most of you still have classes, though *snickers*. We here at BYU-I have short semesters, due to the school's schedule. It can be a good and a bad thing. Regardless, though, the semester is over, and I will be taking the next semester off to weigh in my options and pay off some bills. That means going back to full-time employment and waking up earlier. It will be a pleasant change. Now if I could only work on that dating bit, I'd be in business...


Slowly getting there

>> Friday, April 4, 2008

Well, we finally did it. My friend Ben and I finally recorded our first podcast. No, no, don't get too excited about it yet. We still need to do a little editing on it, but that won't get taken care of until next week, due to the fact that I am in classes still and have a job, and Ben also works a lot. Hopefully we will be getting it up by next weekend.


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