>> Saturday, January 17, 2009

That last post is not a quote or an excerpt from a book. I'm really just that good. ;)



>> Wednesday, January 7, 2009

He held her, not wanting to let go. That day he was fortunate, for she held the embrace as well. It was a cool afternoon, nearing evening, and the shadows of the trees criss-crossed their bodies as small leaves fluttered to the ground around them. The man desperately wanted to kiss her, and her warm body did nothing to discourage the thought. She pulled away slightly, just enough to look into his eyes. 'Just like she did' he thought to himself.

'Alice had those eyes. She had that beautiful hair and that perfect height where she fit nicely under my chin when I held her.' The thoughts were stirring in his head again, and he fought to push them back. Ella reminded the man of Alice. So much so that he sometimes caught himself just before he called Ella by the wrong name. It was really what drove him to where he had gotten with Ella. He saw what he had missed after Alice was gone, what he wanted so desperately and had been denied. It blinded him and he knew it, but the pull was too strong for him to resist.

He leaned closer, savoring the moment. It would have been a perfectly picturesque moment had it not been for the cars and cigarette butts littering the parking lot. The man paused near Ella's face, so close that their noses brushed.
"Is it really that hard to do?" she whispered.
He inhaled, and smirked that half-smirk he was so well known for...


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