The transformation continues

>> Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I had a horrible realization the other day: I don't notice the taste of Utah water anymore.



Little Peoples

>> Friday, March 26, 2010

I hopped on Google Talk to talk to Jenn today. I was surprised by Carter responding instead. These are a couple parts of our conversation:

me: Hey Jenn.

Jennifer Jenkins: It's Carter Steve

me: Well hello Carter Steve!

Jennifer Jenkins: It' Carter Jenkins.

For some reason I cracked myself up by responding how I did. Carter's response aided in the humor.


me: Are you home from school already?

Sent at 2:23 PM on Friday

Jennifer Jenkins: Yep. Fridays are short days.

me: Cool! I wish Fridays were short days for me.

Sent at 2:28 PM on Friday

Jennifer Jenkins: Mmmm. I see. Well tallk to ya laytor.

me: Ok bye.

Jennifer Jenkins: Bey.

Sent at 2:31 PM on Friday

Evidently Carter had some serious contemplation to do upon learning the inner yearnings of my heart.

Nephews rock.


They see me rollin...

>> Monday, March 22, 2010

They hatin. Why are they hatin? Because I'm styling this bad mother of a machine:
That's right. Some little 17 year old dame in a slammin' classic Mustang decided to hit my car while I was at work, so I have a rental until my ride is all prettied up again.

Enough with the slang. I'm stuck with this thing until Wednesday or Thursday. And you know how Enterprise's big thing is that they will come pick you up? Well they do, but they deceive you into thinking you are getting a nicer car than you are. My driver showed up in a Dodge Avenger. He made small talk about the Health Bill that just passed, and I waited eagerly to get behind the wheel and show him how to really drive that kind of car. I signed the paperwork, and then they took me back out, and my heart sank.

I got in to the thing, made sure I knew where all the essentials were, and drove off, testing the pathetic and noisy acceleration. Only when I was exiting the vehicle did I realize that it has both manual locks and windows. Did you even know that they make vehicles without auto windows and locks? I sure didn't. The only redeeming factor of the vehicle is that is has an aux in, so I can still listen to my iPod. Speaking of my iPod, check out the latest on it:Nevermind the weird waves, that is just due to having a picture taken of an LCD screen. Those big black lines started showing up a few days ago. It's sad, but exciting, because if the screen completely fails, that means I can save up and get a Zune HD, which I have been pining over for a number of months now.


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