>> Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh hello there Blog. I've sort of missed you. I see you nearly every day when I get on the internet at home, but it's been too long since we've sat down and talked. A lot has happened, but at the same time, not a lot has happened. In May I moved. I know we've talked since then, but I didn't mention it and I don't think you really even noticed. Thanks for noticing the details, blog. Sheesh.

I got a summer pass to Seven Peaks, which has been great. A couple hours after work is just what the doctor ordered on some days, especially after getting stuck at work a half hour later or more.

I've thrashed my feet this summer by taking all winter off from running, then immediately getting back into it with Vibram Five Fingers. In retrospect, it would have been best to get into running again, then transition to the Five Fingers, but oh well. I've been plagued by injuries to my feet, dozens of blisters, and sore muscles, but it's been worth it because I love the shoes. They may look funky, but they are so comfortable.

I went to Seven Peaks with my family, got some crazy expensive sunglasses for free (thanks dad!), hiked Table Rock in Five Fingers and got some awesome blisters on my heels for it, probably did some other stuff that I don't remember, and then had a birthday (26. I know, ancient). What did I do to celebrate my birthday, you ask? I guess you could say I hiked Mt. Timp. I know, I'm crazy. I did it last year, and I just couldn't resist the pull of the second trail. Oh, and it was at midnight again. Crazy, I know.
This is the only picture I took, mostly because for the most part, I was thinking to myself "Why the freak am I doing this again..." The other part is because we cruised up there pretty quick. 6.5 miles in 4 hours. And then down in 3.5 hours. Was it worth it again, you ask? No, no it was not. I will not be hiking that mountain for at least another 10 years.

And I've decided I need to be inducted into the order of the Geeks. Much like how Luke Skywalker needed to construct his own lightsaber before he could become a Jedi, I must construct my own computer before I can truly become a Geek. All my parts should be here this weekend, so that's what I'll be spending my weekend doing. Hopefully I don't suck at it.

Well Blog, that was pretty much my summer. We should do this more often.


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