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>> Thursday, June 19, 2008

If you don't use Firefox yet, there has never been a better time to adopt! Here is where you can get it. Download it. Install it. Love it. Go to Tools and access the add ons. Love it even more. I'll let the website itself speak for how amazing the browser is. Some add ons you might like:

Adblocker Plus-You know all those annoying banner ads that flash and have stupid games where you can supposedly win a bunch of money from? With this, you won't see another one. Simply amazing.

Download Status Toolbar- instead of a separate window coming up, this little program causes a small toolbar to appear at the bottom of the browser to let you easily manage all your recent downloads.

PicLens- An amazing addon that lets you view a large number of pictures from a websites like google, flickr, amazon, yahoo, facebook and more.

Foxytunes- For the music-centric web surfer. Lets you control your music player straight from your browser. Supports Winamp, Windows Media Player and, of course, iTunes among many others.

Forecastfox- Simple weather tool to check weather. Allows setup of multiple profiles to quickly switch to or simply check weather in other areas than your own.

Stumbleupon- Select which topics you are interested in and start stumbling. Each time you stumble, a new website related to the topics you chose will come up for you to discover. Addicting.

Scribefire- Excellent tool which allows you to blog anytime, regardless if you are on your blog page or not. You can write a little bit, minimize scribefire, then go back to it later and finish it up.

Other- You can download custom skins, or programs that change the look of Firefox, to make your browser even more personalized.

But seriously. You will lose nothing by switching to Firefox. It's simply incredible.


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