>> Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I decided to take a post idea from a friends blog, that of going to your picture file, going to the sixth file, and choosing the sixth image to post and explain. I figured it would be pretty interesting considering some of the pictures I have on my computer. Turns out I was wrong.
This is a picture from when I went with my parents to Havasupai, near the Grand Canyon. And of all the pictures I have of it, this is easily one of the most dull. This shows a part of the switchbacks that took up the first mile or so of the hike down. It wasn't bad a bad part of the hike, with two exceptions. One: The horse caravans you see there don't stop. Period. So it's pretty much leap out of their way as soon as you can, or get trampled. Two: Hiking back up this while you are about to poop your pants is very uncomfortable. On the plus side, that motivated me to get done with this section very, very quickly. Huh, that turned out to be a better post than I expected.


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