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>> Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Well, not really. Just needed a catchy title so as to redirect you to the poll on the side of the page now. I figure I'll let this one run until the end of the month to see how many (few) people actually read this thing.

As an aside, I've been reading a surprising amount of short stories online lately, and I've been curious to see if I could pull one off myself. I've posted little bits of fiction on here before, but nothing with a concrete idea behind it. Perhaps for inspiration I'll go to Starbucks with my laptop and sit there for three hours wearing glasses and looking artsy. Although I'd need a Mac to pull that off...

Anyway, I've moved out of Mike and Jen's apartment. I'm sure they are rejoicing that I am finally gone. I'm in a place called Winter Haven, which is real close to UVU campus. I could walk to class if I felt so inclined. I bought off someone's contract, which is why I was able to move in mid-semester. This means that the contract is up mid-August, when the semester ends. It's kind of nice, because it means I get sort of a trial of the place before I commit to something more long term. So far it's not bad. I've mentioned this to a couple people already, but none of my roommates had really spoken to me except one I trapped while he was watching tv. Since I've told people that, I've actually had conversations with a few of the guys. So turns out I don't have a bunch of jerk roommates. Thank goodness.

Oh, speaking of roommates, the missionaries stopped by earlier today looking for one of my roomies. Turns out he was studying with them, then had some personal things come up and hasn't had a chance to meet with them for a bit. Kinda cool.

My Algebra class is coming to a close, and we are running a tad bit behind based on the schedule. Because of that, I have a test to take tomorrow, a take-home test to complete by Monday, then the comprehensive final comes on Monday as well. Yikes. Hope my brain doesn't explode in the next few days.

Another sad thing of note: I realized the other day that I have yet to go on a date since moving down here. Isn't that the saddest thing ever? Two whole months since I've taken a girl out. If I'm not careful, my skillz might get rusty. I best stake out a spot at Starbucks before all the seats are gone. Until next time, keep...doing the things you like.

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Duncan Family July 11, 2009 at 11:13 AM  

Oh no Steve, no dates for two months, better fix that! We leave for Denver next week, hopefully we'll be back at Christmas and get in touch!
Tom and Emily

Mike July 12, 2009 at 9:33 AM  

You know, I'm pretty sure there's an ap from blogger that lets you track visits on your blogs... My friend has one and that's how she got my URL. I could look for it, but I don't feel like it. :) (this is really jen)

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