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>> Monday, October 12, 2009

I've decided that Sundays are pretty much the beginning of my workweek now, and here's why. The following is a breakdown of Sunday, October 11th:

I wake up at 6 to get ready for my 7 AM EQ Presidency Stake training. That goes until about 8:15, and then I come home and type out a letter for the Stake President because he is teaching EQ in a couple weeks at Ward Conference. I also gather all the announcements and prepare an agenda for EQ that day so my counselor can conduct.

Right after I finish I go right back to the church so I can find the program person to find out if there are any other announcements I'm missing. Also needed to chat with the RS President. I get stopped by four different people on my way back to the Priesthood room, causing me to get in the room only one minute before 9. Church for three hours. Two setting aparts, ward choir, PEC AND Ward Council afterward takes me to about 3:15. I finally get to go home, and I make some rice to eat for a sorta-lunch. Then EQ Presidency meeting at 4, which goes to about 5:15.

After organizing the 20 or so papers I got througout the day, I hop on facebook and check it for a few minutes, then decided that I haven't read my book lately. So I pull that out, read a chapter, doze off with it on my chest until about 6:55, and run to the church because I have Stake Choir practice at 7. It should have ended at 8 but went until 8:30. I immediately run to my friends house because he invited me to dinner. I got there right in time, which was nice.

Delicious Chicken Courdon Bleu with homemade gravy to die for. Anyway, at that time, it was almost 9, so I had Ward Prayer. That was actually pretty fun this time. We played Never Have I Ever. But anyway, after that I head back to my friends because we still had cake to eat.

I had made plans to go over to another friends house because he got new songs for Rock Band.
So after eating cake and playing Settlers of Zarahemla for a while, I went over to my other friends and played Rock Band until a little after midnight, then was up talking with them until about 1 AM. After that I finally went to bed.

It was tons of fun, but it was a loooong day.


Anonymous October 13, 2009 at 5:55 PM  

Steve, Isn't Sunday supposed to be a day of rest? Of course, it's not a day of rest for the righteous or popular.

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