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>> Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I have a confession. I have a dream car. It's such a beautiful thing. It's not some sports car, or exotic beauty. Matter of fact, I could sell my car and buy one right now if I wanted. If I did that though, I would be sacrificing my masculinity, without having a shred of dignity remaining.

Yeah, it's that bad boy right there. Go ahead, start laughing. No really, it's ok. Everybody else laughs when I tell them. It's just so, mmmm, tasty! Now, it's not like I'd buy just any New Beetle and call it good. No, to try to justify the purchase it would have to have certain specs. First, it would need to be a certain color. Silver would be the first choice. Ok, silver would be the only choice. And it would be turbo. With leather, heated seats and a sunroof. Oh yeah, that would be nice. Naturally, I would need a set of tires for the winter.

If you have never sat in one of these, oh, you are in for a treat. They look so small, but once you sit down in them you realize how roomy they are. It's amazing! When I actually got to sit in one, it was late in the day, so I wasn't able to take the time to drive one.

I think my love for the New Beetle started with the Nintendo 64. There was a racing game that came out called Beetle Adventure Racing. I bought the game because I liked the design for the New Beetle, not because I expected it to be a quality title. It was basically an advertisement for the car, of course. What I didn't expect was that it turned out to be a pretty sweet little ditty of a racer. Since then, I have wanted to own the vehicle. The only way I could buy the car and not be laughed at constantly is by waiting until I am married and buy it "for my wife". So I guess I'll have to wait until then so I can shamefully hide my passion behind that excuse.


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