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>> Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So why am I writing this blog? A few people might find it terribly odd that I have chosen a written medium for sharing my feelings, considering my history of making known my absolute hatred for writing papers for school projects and things. The real truth is, though, that I enjoy writing. It is a medium where I am able to sufficiently express my feelings. I feel that I am a good orator, but it seems that I frequently am unable to find the correct word to convey how I feel in a timely manner, which means I am there with my mouth open, pausing at awkward times when the right word comes. When I write, even if the right word doesn't come immediately, I have time to think of it without giving pause to the train of thought for the person I am communicating with.

Also, I plan on starting a podcast with a friend soon, and plan on maintaining a blog for that podcast containing commentary or other info we wanted in the podcast, but weren't able to fit in. I figured I also should start to learn more about some of the latest tech trends that are going on. I also hope to change my major to Communication soon. The current plan is to work for a company such as CNet, where I would be able to test and review new tech items that come out. Whether that pans out or not will be an interesting process. Regardless, if I do go in that direction, I will need more practice and expertise at writing, so when the time comes to act all professional and have something of a portfolio showcasing my talents, I at least won't be out of practice on writing. Plus, I like to use big words. It makes me feel smart.


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